Ponder (iOS)
Discover and be discovered.

Lead front-end developer for Los Angeles based startup (contract).
Released September 2015.

Ponder is a startup formed from the Thiel Fellowship by William LeGate. The app lets you push out photos and videos to your local area; people vote on their favorite posts, and the top picks bubble up to a global feed.

Download the app.

EnvoyNow (iOS)
The official sponsor of college munchies.

Lead front-end developer for USC startup (contract).
Released May 2014.

EnvoyNow is a student owned and operated on-demand food delivery service founded at USC and made exclusively for the college community. We allow students to get their favorite restaurants around campus delivered straight to their dorm or classroom for a flat $2.99 rate.

Received $100,000 in funding from Mark Cuban. Currently in the 500 Startups Accelerator.

Download the app.

USC Class Registration (iOS)
Sign up for your USC classes with a tap of a button.

Lead iOS developer and designer within a team of five USC students.
Released February 2015.

During the Spring 2015 semester, I worked with Kaitlyn Lee, Nikhil Bedi, Ayberk Yilmaz and Vidhi Goel to develop an iOS app that lets you register for classes at USC. I was responsible for the design and front-end implementation.

Check it out.

Toga (iOS)
The social calendar for your university.

Lead iOS front-end developer for USC startup (contract).
Released January 2014.

Toga is an app that connects you with greek life with features such as social event calendars, group messages, and roster lists for every organization on campus. The app is currently available at four campuses and expanding.

Download the app.

Moodsic (Web)
Delivers you a curated playlist based on your mood.

Developed with Devon Meyer, Albert Kuo, and Daniel Silva for Microsoft MashUp Hackathon.
Released February 2014.

Moodsic was my entry for the Microsoft MashUp Hackathon, a 24 hour competition that puts USC and UCLA students against each other in a race to make a unique app by mashing together multiple APIs. We ended up combining APIs from Flickr, image recognition, EchoNest, and Spotify.
Often times you want to listen to music based on your mood – but quantifying how you’re feeling into words can be difficult. However, it’s much easier to point out a picture that you resonate with; this is the core idea behind Moodsic. It’s a image gallery of gorgeous looking Flickr landscapes – you select the pictures that appeal to you, and it uses image recognition to determine the mood and tone of the picture. It then uses EchoNest to find music that matches those moods, and delivers you a Spotify playlist that you can listen to right inside the app.

Together we won first place at the hackathon – a trip to Seattle to visit Microsoft’s headquarters. I’m really happy with how much we were able to pull off in such a short time.

Check it out.
Here’s how we implemented it.

Amio (iOS)
Enjoy living with your friends without the pains of living with your friends.

Front end iOS developer. Built for HackTech 2014.
Released January 2014.

Amio was my entry for HackTech 2014 – it makes living with friends less of a hassle. Chores are automatically rotated evenly between group members, and the app will track due dates, recurrence, and notifications.

Check it out.
Source code (Github)
Read an in-depth postmortem.

myRight (iOS)

An app that helps you with common legal issues.

iOS developer. Built for Los Angeles based startup myRight, Inc.
Released December 2012.

myRight, Inc. was an LA based startup founded by three former USC students. The myRight app is a simple way to know your rights while on the go. Users can search for and select the legal issues that are relevant to them. The app will ask the user a short series of questions regarding the issue, and generate an easy to understand summary of the consequences. In addition, the user can contact a lawyer about the situation with just a tap of a button.

View a demo of the app in action.
View a trailer of the app.

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