A stupidly hard game. Created in Unity in around 20 hours.

Download it for free.


A stupidly hard game inspired by Flappy Bird and Kanye West. Created using Unity in around 20 hours.

Download it for free.

SimCity (PC)

A simulation of a complex city ecosystem using multiple threads and agent design methodologies.

Grab the source code (Java).

Coredump (Board Game)

A fast-paced board game where the objective changes unpredictably.

Release Date: December 2013
Tools Used: Product assembly and shipping by Gamecrafter
Association: Creative Director. Worked with Uzi Chaudhry (Producer), Brandon Barber & Luke Patterson

Coredump is a super-competitive four player game that tests reflexes and quick thinking. The goal is to hack into the International Bank of Commerce and steal as much loot as possible within ten minutes. However, the twist is that the rules in which you earn points changes unpredictably throughout the game.
Game manufacturing and shipping is handled by a service called Gamecrafter. You can also make the game yourself for free using a standard 52 card deck and some paper. The rule sheet, game board, and some introductory slides are attached.

Check out the game here (DIY)
Original images for printing: Code Cards, Hack Cards, Program Cards
Buy a sexy, polished copy for $23.99.

Leap Turret (Windows & Mac)

A top-down 3D arcade shooter played using the Leap Motion controller.

Check out the source code (requires LeapMotion SDK + Unity3D)

Metroid (PC)

A recreation of the original NES classic.

Release Date: February 2013
Tools Used: Game Maker Studio
Association: Independently developed as a project for a Game Production class.

Metroid is a quick project I made for my ITP 280 class. The assignment was to recreate a classic game using Game Maker. I ended up recreating Metroid for the NES, but I put my own spin on it. This game features eleven rooms, two bosses, plenty of hidden power ups and enemies, and fancy custom graphics.
The game took about a weekend to make from the ground up (~20 hours). I’m really happy with how much I was able to fit in given whatever time I had. It’s not an entirely polished game but it’s definitely an entertaining way to spend fifteen minutes. You can check out my source code for it as well.

Download the game (PC).
Download the source code (Game Maker Studio 1.1)

The Elements (iOS, Android, Windows 8)

An interactive and intuitive Chemistry learning experience.

Release Date: February 2013
Tools Used: Game Maker Studio
Association: Developed for iQImpressions, LLC.

The Elements is the second game in the iQSongs series. Players interact with individual elements that fall from the periodic table and drag them back into place in the correct sequence. There are multiple modes of difficulty and players can choose to either play through the entire elements sequence or focus on a specific group / period to study.
I developed this app entirely in Game Maker Studio during Winter Break of 2012. I worked with my cousin, who founded iQImpressions LLC and recorded the iQSongs music tracks. You can purchase The Elements on the iOS App Store for $0.99.

The Alphabet (iOS)

A unique and intuitive way for children to learn the Alphabet.

Release Date: August 2012
Tools Used: Game Maker Studio
Association: Developed for iQImpressions, LLC.

The Alphabet is the first game I released in a series of apps called iQSongs. The concept behind iQSongs is a platform in which children can intuitively learn new subjects through both interactivity and music. Each iQSongs game features gameplay, in addition to background music that enforces the topic at hand.
In this app, children interact with each individual letter of the alphabet by catching them from the sky and dragging them into the correct sequence on the screen. Once they have finished a level, they can continue on to additional scenery with different terrain and obstacles. Lastly, the game features a second mode in which the letters are encased in bubbles. The player must pop the bubble as it floats to the top of the screen, and then place it in the correct slot.
I developed this app entirely in Game Maker Studio during the summer of 2012. I worked with my cousin, who founded iQImpressions LLC and recorded the iQSongs music tracks. You can purchase The Alphabet on the iOS App Store for $0.99.

Download the game from iTunes.
Visit the iQSongs website.

Microsoft Taptiles (Windows 8)

An addicting 3D puzzle game. Match tiles to clear the board.

Release Date: October 2012
Tools Used: Custom Editors
Association: Developed while interning at Arkadium, Inc. Published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Taptiles is a puzzle game I worked on while I was a Game Design intern at Arkadium, a studio in NYC. Arkadium had announced a partnership with Microsoft in which they would develop the launch games for upcoming Windows 8 devices (such as Solitare, Minesweeper, Mahjong, and Taptiles).
My responsibility for this project was to develop level structures for the free-play game mode. In this mode, players run through a never-ending sequence of challenges under a timer. The goal is to complete the levels as fast as possible in order to obtain a high score before the time is up. I sorted the levels under a specific algorithm in order to determine difficulty. Then, the levels would be randomly chosen from different ‘difficulty pools’ in order to have the game tension rise gradually over time.

Get the game from the Windows Store.
View the official website.

Twilight Carnival (Facebook)

Build and manage your own carnival in this social game.

Release Date: November 2011
Tools Used: Custom Editors, Adobe Flash, XML, GameMaker 8
Association: Developed while interning at Arkadium, Inc. Published by Konami Corporation.

Twilight Carnival is a casual/social Facebook game that I worked on as a Game Design intern at Arkadium. The game was Arkadium’s largest project at the time, and it was developed for Konami Corporation. It features a heavy emphasis on well written narrative and meaningful characters. In addition, you can unlock a variety of mini games – by playing them you can earn in-game currency and can customize your Carnival with additional attractions and decorations.
Specifically, I designed wireframe models for mini game concepts and created level content for other mini games. Furthermore, I scripted dialogue for some of the characters and designed different quests for the player to complete. Occasionally I would also design collectible items that the player could earn while playing mini games. Lastly, I programmed a level editing tool and designed environments within the game.

Unfortunately the game is no longer active, although you can check out more at their website.
View the official website.

Quaintbrush (PC)

This is the game I am most proud of. 8th Place at Ludum Dare.

Release Date: May 2011
Tools Used: Game Maker 8.1
Association: Independently developed.

Quaintbrush is a puzzle-platform game in which you paint on the screen using the mouse to alter physics around you –  different colors of paint affect different physical properties such as time and gravity. The goal of the game is to combine these colors in order to successfully reach the end of each level.
i designed Quaintbrush singlehandedly within 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam competition (one of the largest in the world). This was the first game that I finished completely by myself, and it was an amazing learning experience. The game ended up winning several awards at the competition, including 3rd in Innovation, 4th in Fun, and 8th Overall. Furthermore, it was featured on

Check out Ludum Dare.
My Ludum Dare Development Journal
Quaintbrush on Casual Gameplay

RUNNIN’ (iOS, Flash)

A game of endurance – how far can you run?

Release Date: October 2011
Tools Used: Xcode, Stencyl
Association: Independently developed.

RUNNIN’ was my first commercial game. I made it in about ten hours the weekend before a college interview so that I could impress my interviewer. He ended up liking it.
The goal of RUNNIN’ is to survive as long as possible by dodging incoming pillars, using the accelerometer to control the player. RUNNIN’ was released for the web (Flash) in addition to iOS, through a program called Stencyl that focuses on simple cross-platform development. The game has launched on, a game portal, and has consistently been one of the most played games on the website.

View the game on iTunes.
Play the Flash version on Stencyl.

Warpbridge (Arcade / Custom Hardware)

A massive project built during the Carnegie Mellon University NHSGA program.

Release Date: August 2011
Tools Used: Unity3D, 3dsMax
Association: Developed with a team of eight students for Pittsburgh Entertainment Technology Center.

Warpbridge is a top-down arcade shooter developed for a massive custom arcade rig called the Bridge – a twelve-screen gaming system built into a hallway at the Pittsburgh Entertainment Technology Center. While studying Game Design & Programming at Carnegie Mellon, I had the opportunity to work with a team of eight students to develop this massive project.
The game features custom 3D models, stunning particle effects, a variety of advanced enemy AI, and ridiculous power-ups. Players can work together in pairs by connecting together on the Bridge. The aiming is controlled through a trackball and shooting is automatic. The player uses an arcade joystick to control the character.

Download a Mac demo of the game.

The Cartographer (PC)

A top-down arcade shooter created for the YoYo Games Competition.

Release Date: August 2010
Tools Used: Game Maker 8.0
Association: Independently developed. Partnered with Jacob Pavone.

The Cartographer was my first full video game – I spent the summer of my sophomore year in high school working on it for the YoYoGames Competition (in which it was a semifinalist). The theme of the competition was to make a game that was portable to the PSP, so there were strict limitations on file size, controls, and processing. Despite this, my teammate and I made a solidly robust and optimized top-down 3D engine. The game combines 2D sprites with 3D terrain, lighting, shadows, and fog.
The game is a top-down shooter; the player explores a randomly generated dungeon, featuring a variety of enemies, puzzles, bosses, and traps. It also features a huge arsenal of weapons to unlock: rocket launchers, swords and shields, and fancy alien weaponry.

Play the game here.

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